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Jiangxi Kapa Gas Technology Co.,Ltd 86-769-8292-8157
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We focus on Two Stage Screw Air Compressor, Laser Cutting Integrated Air Compressor, Belt Drive Air Compressor, Screw Air Compressor products and so on

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China Jiangxi Kapa Gas Technology Co.,Ltd

Jiangxi Kapa Gas Technology Co.,Ltd

As a leading manufacturer of screw air compressors, Kappa has developed itself into a mature R&D, manufacturing and sales network full system with the direct factory in Pingxiang Jiangxi province + Operation Sales HQ in Dongguan Gunagdong China. The strong manufacturing full system we have built-in Jiangxi is able to deliver reliable and high-quality products from start to finish, we got you covered from installation to troubleshooting and to maintenance. By manufacturing a full range of screw air compressors at most economic costs, we help the customers to develop fast with our strong support of supply and service. ​

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