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1.06 M3/Min Low Noise 7.5kw 10hp Screw Style Air Compressor

1.06 M3/Min Low Noise 7.5kw 10hp Screw Style Air Compressor

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    7.5kw 10hp Screw Style Air Compressor


    7.5kw Screw Style Air Compressor


    10hp Screw Style Air Compressor

  • Type
    Screw Air Compressor
  • After-sales Service Provided
    Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
  • (M³/Min/Mpa)
  • Power Kw/HP
  • Ambient Temperature℃
  • Cooling Mode
    Air Cooling
  • Color
  • Lub Oil Capacity
  • Noise Level
  • Drive Mode
    Direct Drive
  • Power(V/PH/HZ)
  • Dimension(mm)
  • Net Weight
  • Out Let Diameter(inch)
  • Condition
    New 100%
  • Application
    General Industry , Medical , EPS Production So On
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD 900 PER UNIT
  • Packaging Details
    Ply-Wood box
  • Delivery Time
    25-30 DAYS
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    2000 SET PER MONTH

1.06 M3/Min Low Noise 7.5kw 10hp Screw Style Air Compressor

1.06 m³ / min stable Screw Air Compressor 7.5kw 10hp 0.8 Mpa




Screw air compressor adopts high-capacity compression components, its rotor outer circle speed is low and the best oil injection is achieved, which realizes high efficiency and high reliability. The design can ensure that the system temperature and compressed air temperature are extremely low. Ensure that all parts achieve the best cooling effect and maximum service life.




Model Specification KB7.5-10P
Displacement/Pressure (M³/Min/Mpa) 1.06/0.8
CFM 37
Power Kw/ HP 7.5KW/10HP
Ambient Temperature ℃ 2℃-45℃
Cooling Mode Air-Cooling
Discharge Temp ≤Ambint+15℃
Lub Oil Capacity Liter 5L
Noise Level Db(A) 70±2
Driven Mode Direct Drive
Power V/Ph/Hz 380V/50Hz
Starting Mode power frequency
Dimension mm 900*650*870
Net Weight kg 191
Out let Diameter inch RP1/2


 Screw Air Compressor : Energy saving and stability + convenient maintenance + superior price  =  high cost performance ratio


1.06 M3/Min Low Noise 7.5kw 10hp Screw Style Air Compressor 0


Unique design


Compressed Air Vessel:Reduce the pressure ; energy conservation ; Low oil content ,ensure that the oil content in the air is less than 3ppmand high quality air . 


Oil gas separator with built-in oil separation core in new structure .


High efficiency air end , low noise bearing and oil mist cooling are adopted to maintain stable operation of the chamber .


Large surplus heat dissipation area design, strong heat dissipation effect, avoid high temperature shutdown ; Intelligent cooling fan design, can automatically start cooling according to air temperature.


Adopt stainless steel pipe, high temperature and low temperature resistance


electric motor:Adopt imported high quality electrical equipment to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


There is no intermediate transmission, so there is no energy loss


The larger rotor runs at a lower speed, with higher efficiency and further reduces energy consumption


It avoids the situation that the hand is unbalanced in the belt drive, easy to generate heat, easy to break, frequent belt replacement, and often need to readjust the levelness of the pulley and the tension of the belt


Due to the coaxial transmission of elastic coupling, the force is balanced, the vibration is reduced, the reliability is increased and the maintenance cost is reduced


Screw air compressor work flow chart


1.06 M3/Min Low Noise 7.5kw 10hp Screw Style Air Compressor 1


Purchase knowledge editor


Exhaust pressure

The greater the discharge pressure of compressor, the more energy consumption. The sum of using pressure, pipeline resistance loss and pressure drop of supporting equipment is set as the lower limit of rated exhaust pressure of screw air compressor. Generally, the diameter of gas transmission pipeline should be larger to reduce resistance loss and achieve the purpose of long-term operation and energy consumption reduction. The greater the discharge pressure of compressor, the more energy consumption. So don't choose compressor with high discharge pressure


The coefficient of actual total gas consumption ≛ 1.1-1.2 is calculated. As the type of air displacement selected, if it is too low to meet the specified value of gas consumption equipment, and if it is too large, it will result in large energy consumption and uneconomical operation under load reduction. At the same time, the purchase cost of large displacement screw air compressor is higher.

Compressed air quality

According to the requirements of the industry gas equipment for compressor gas, screw air compressor and supporting equipment should be purchased appropriately. The following points should be considered:

In order to reduce the oil content in the compressed gas, the oil purifier can be used. If the treatment index is high, the multi-stage treatment can be selected.

In order to reduce the water content in compressed gas, water removal equipment can be used.


Advantages of Kapa brand


1. High quality control(ISO 9001-2000/ISO14001/ASME/Energy saving certificate)
2. Fast Delivery( 25-30 days for large orders)
3. Good service for pre-sale,after-sale( strong technical support and professional after-sales team)
4. Small order acceptable( Ordering quantity according to your actual needs)


why choose us ?


Longer service life of the master machine
The rotor uses asymmetrical line running at a low speed with the support of the ball bearings and roller bearings as a result. The damage and the cost are lowered and the service life is extended. Some force is counteracted by the axial force generated by the bevel gear. So the load on the bearings of the master machine is lowered.
Permanent alignment of the electromotor and the master machine
Different from the strap compressor, the SRC series compressor can integrate the electromotor with flange, shaft coupling box-gear box. and the master machine into one in such way the master machine and the electrometer are aligned forever in the transpiration. The SRC series compressors equipped with effective and fully sealed air-cooling electromotor.