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Permanent Magnet Touch Screen Control 30kw 40Hp 5m3/Min VSD Screw Air Compressor

Permanent Magnet Touch Screen Control 30kw 40Hp 5m3/Min VSD Screw Air Compressor

  • High Light

    5m3/Min VSD Air Compressor


    30kw 40Hp VSD Air Compressor


    5m3/Min 40 Hp Air Compressor

  • Drive Type
  • Type
    Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency
  • Condition
  • Warranty
    2 Year
  • Cetification
    CE, ISO14001, SGS
  • Cooling Mode
    Air Cooling
  • Dimension (mm)
  • Out Let Diameter (inch)
  • Ambient Temperature ℃
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, ISO14001, SGS
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD 4100-4500 PER UNIT
  • Packaging Details
    Wood box
  • Delivery Time
    25-30 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    5000 SET PER MONTH

Permanent Magnet Touch Screen Control 30kw 40Hp 5m3/Min VSD Screw Air Compressor

30kw / 40Hp 5m³/min Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency air compressor 1250*850*1140mm



Permanent Magnet variable frequency air compressor advantages


touch screen control is adopted, control program is set for the controller, and animation interface is made for bai system of each air compressor, which visually displays information such as machine workflow, operation data and fault record, which is convenient for control and fault diagnosis.
High efficiency:

Customize the rare earth permanent magnet variable frequency synchronous motor, change its torque and speed, match the motor with a power factor of 95% with a service factor of 1.2, and then drive the high power head with a low power motor through frequency conversion control, so as to achieve the gas production of the high power motor and greatly improve the efficiency.
Energy saving:

The air compressor selects the controller to set the control program, and is matched with the rare earth permanent magnet variable frequency synchronous motor and the frequency converter to realize the closed-loop control of frequency conversion, which can save a lot of electric energy, saving 44% compared with the traditional power frequency air compressor. At present, the input specific power of the new product developed by the company reaches 6.9, which can reach the first-class energy efficiency standard.
Low noise:

The traditional air compressor produces very loud noise. After technical research and development and improvement by the project unit, the traditional belt drive and coupling drive are changed into direct drive. The motor rotor is specially manufactured and customized. The rotor is directly inserted into the output shaft of the machine head, and a special flange is added to the machine head to be installed in combination with the motor stator, thus saving bearings and bearing end covers. This direct transmission mode combines the machine head with the rare earth permanent magnet variable frequency synchronous motor, which makes the whole unit more compact, reduces the resistance of bearings in the running process of the machine, and avoids the noise generated during the transmission of belts, pulleys and couplings. At the same time, the noise of the air compressor can be effectively reduced by sticking high-density 30mm-thick sound-absorbing cotton on the sheet metal box plate of the machine shell.
High performance:

seamless steel pipe clamp connection is used for internal pipeline installation, replacing rubber hose used in traditional air compressor, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, and is convenient for maintenance. Stainless steel metal hose is used to connect the air outlet of the nose with the oil and gas barrel, which has the advantages of anti-vibration and oil leakage.


Current Models and Specifications for selection


Model KY-10HP KY-15HP KY-20HP KY-25HP KY-30HP KY-40HP
Motor Power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw 22kw 30kw
Capacity/Pressure (m3/min/MPa) 1.06/0.8 1.71/0.8 2.27/0.8 2.85/0.8 3.3/0.8 5/0.8
Noise db(A) 70±2 70±2 70±2 70±2 70±2 70±2
Length (mm) 900 1080 1080 1250 1250 1250
Width(mm) 650 750 750 850 850 850
Height(mm) 870 980 980 1140 1140 1140
Weight(Kg) 155 224 235 310 320 365
Outlet Diameter inch: Rp1/2 Rp3/4 Rp3/4 Rp1 Rp1 Rp1
Model KY-50HP KY-60HP KY-75HP KY-100HP    
Motor Power 37kw 45kw 55kw 75kw    
Capacity/Pressure (m3/min/MPa) 6.05/0.8 7.1/0.8 9.25/0.8 12.0/0.8    
Noise db(A) 60-70±2 60-70±2 70-76±2 70-76±2    
Length (mm) 1340 1340 1900 2000    
Width (mm) 1000 1000 1250 1250    
Height(mm) 1270 1270 1600 1670    
Weight(Kg) 448 500 840 970    
Outlet Diameter inch: Rp1-1/2 Rp1-1/2 Rp2 Rp2    

Unique design

Permanent Magnet Touch Screen Control 30kw 40Hp 5m3/Min VSD Screw Air Compressor 0



Advantages of Kapa brand


Innovate technology to protect the environment

Kapa listens, understands and meets the needs of customers

Save the environment, ensure to provide better services and solutions, save costs for users, and seek the largest growth space. The main purpose is to protect and save energy, stimulate the growth of economic productivity, comply with market demand, save energy and reduce environmental pollution. With the mission of "innovation embodies value", Kapa Company will continue to promote technological innovation and progress, achieve win-win with global partners, suppliers and employees, create a new world of "energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and service" in the aerodynamic field, and strive to be a world-class enterprise with world-class standards.



1. High quality control(ISO14001/CE/SGS Energy saving certificate)
2. Fast Delivery( 25-30 days for large orders)
3. Good service for pre-sale,after-sale( strong technical support and professional after-sales team)
4. Trial small order acceptable( Ordering quantity according to your actual needs)


Why choose us


Longer service life of the master machine
The rotor uses asymmetrical line running at a low speed with the support of the ball bearings and roller bearings as a result. The damage and the cost are lowered and the service life is extended. Some force is counteracted by the axial force generated by the bevel gear. So the load on the bearings of the master machine is lowered.
Permanent alignment of the electromotor and the master machine
Different from the strap compressor, the SRC series compressor can integrate the electromotor with flange, shaft coupling box-gear box. and the master machine into one in such way the master machine and the electrometer are aligned forever in the transpiration. The SRC series compressors equipped with effective and fully sealed air-cooling electromotor.




Q1: Why customers choose Kapa?

A: KAPA has 20 years of experiences specialized in screw air compressor industry.

R & D team and engineers originally from Sullair, with SGS and ISO certified management and control system.

We warmly welcome your small trial order for quality and market test.


Q2: Are you a direct manufacturer or just a trading company?

A:We are a professional manufacturer with big modern workshops situated in Pingxiang Lianhua Industrial Park,

Jiangxi Province, China. Both OEM & ODM service are available.


Q3: How about your delivery time?

A: Generally 25-30 days. While if ordering special designs or customized models, shipping time will be somewhat longer.

Exact time please contact sales in advance to confirm then.



A: One Year for the whole machine and two years for screw air-end.



A:We provide customers with installation and commissioning online instructions.well-trained engineer

will troubleshoot within 24-48 hours through online videos or calls.