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Jiangxi Kapa Gas Technology Co.,Ltd 86-769-8292-8157
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Jiangxi Kapa Gas Technology Co.,Ltd
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    Kapa,Kafeng Kalai, OEM

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As a leading manufacturer of screw air compressors, Kappa has developed itself into a mature R&D,

manufacturing and sales network full system with the direct factory in Pingxiang Jiangxi province + Operation

Sales HQ in Dongguan Gunagdong China.


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The strong manufacturing full system we have built-in Jiangxi is able to deliver reliable and high-quality products from

start to finish, we got you covered from installation to troubleshooting and to maintenance. By manufacturing

a full range of screw air compressors at most economic costs, we help the customers to develop fast with our strong support of supply and service.


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1. In order to establish the supervision mechanism of product quality and service, and ensure that customers can provide excellent products and services, our company has made the following commitments to customers; quality is Kapa's eternal pursuit;

Providing satisfying products to customers is Kapa's first mission; improving customer satisfaction service is Kapa's ultimate goal. A customer satisfaction index of more than 99 is the quality objective.

2. The whole machine warranty period is two years. During this period, the compressor operates safely according to relevant requirements and specifications. When the machine starts, operates, and maintains in accordance with the operation manual and uses the original parts, the non-vulnerable parts in the unit will be damaged or invalidated in normal use. We will repair, replace or even return the goods free of charge if the user fails to maintain them. If required for maintenance, the after-sales service promise is invalid. During the warranty period, we will replace the parts and components of the equipment free of charge when they are damaged due to product quality problems (such as three filters and lubricants). If the rework and equipment damage caused by the mistake of information, spare parts, or on-site guidance provided by Kapa gas Company is not caused by the mistake, the user shall bear the corresponding economic responsibility.

3. After-sales service hotline+86-400-0787-588 can arrive at the scene within 24 hours after receiving the user's notification in the local market: the time limit for replacing defective parts is 48 hours for vulnerable parts. For the overseas market please contact our dealer worldwide. 


After-sales service:

1. after the normal operation of the product, the company is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the products. Our company has offices and after-sales service agencies in major cities throughout the country. Service technicians are all professional technicians assigned by headquarters.

2. free maintenance, maintenance, and no fee for life.

3. free on-site guidance installation.

4. free debugging.

5. Free on-site training of post operators and maintenance personnel, so that they can master the safe operation, maintenance, maintenance and daily management of equipment knowledge and skills.

6. provide technical services at any time.

7. to ensure that all kinds of spare parts needed for the long-term provision of equipment.


Jiangxi Kappa Gas Technology Co., Ltd.

Service hotline: 400-0787-588

Add: Zone B Lianhua Industry Park, Pingxiang City Jiangxi Province P.R.C



                                                                   AFTER-SALES SERVICE TEAM 

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Our Team

Kapa is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales of air equipment. It has an advanced CNC Centre, Milling, Grinder, and other processing equipment and a CNC Machining center, with more than 300 employees and an annual output value of 300 million yuan. The company’s products include compressors, vacuum pumps, heat pumps, expanders, blowers, superchargers, gas reprocessing, new energy equipment, fluid transmission pipes, pressure vessels Etc.


The company has more than 20 years of industry experience of high-level, efficient production and after-sales service team can provide 7*24 hours of all-round technical services for customers, and provide customized production services for high-end energy-saving products.


                                                                    FACTORY WORKERS 

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                                 SALES AND R&D TEAM AND MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEES


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