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Light Weight KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part Thermostatic Valve

Light Weight KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part Thermostatic Valve

  • High Light

    KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part


    25um Air Compressor Spare Part


    Kapa Thermostatic Control Valve

  • Condition
  • Warranty
    One Year
  • Color
  • Application
    Air Compressor
  • Power Factor
    Close To 1
  • Brand
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    Thermostat Valve
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD100-5000PER UINT
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    5000PER MONTH

Light Weight KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part Thermostatic Valve

Compact and light weight kapa air compressor Thermostat Valve


Product description


The function of thermostatic valve is to open it after the oil temperature rises, so that the oil will go through the cooler and return to the main engine after cooling.


Kapa thermostat valve advantage


1 Small size,

2 light weight,

3 easy installation, accurate,

4 long service life,

5 maintenance free work




high efficiency, low noise motor, high protection grade, Wide range of applications

Long service life


large margin heat dissipation area design, heat dissipation effect is strong, avoid high temperature shutdown.

Design of intelligent heat dissipation fan, which can start and stop heat dissipation automatically according to temperature degree.

oil core separation

Using high efficiency oil and gas separator, the residual oil content is less than 3pDm, and the working temperature can reach 120.

Degrees Celsius. It has the advantages of low pressure drop and energy saving, long service life, low fuel consumption, reliable and stable performance.

oil filtration

The fixed particles of 25um can be filtered out by using high quality and high strength filter medium, and the working temperature can reach 120 degrees Celsius. It has long service life, corrosion resistance, reliable and stable performance.


Strong weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-ozone ultraviolet radiation


Electrical apparatus

Adopt imported high quality electrical equipment to effectively ensure the machine

Full range and Complete functionsuch as Remote manipulation and Origal and Mute Air Compressor Part

Microcomputer controller



Button type is simple, convenient and durable

Constant pressure and constant temperature design

Intelligent management system capable of being externally connected to cloud



Centrifugal impeller


Low noise and high wind pressure

Unique lateral air intake and top air exhaust



Filter screen


Efficiently reduce the entry of sundries

Good permeability and long service life

Reusable and easy to clean


Oil and gas separation barrel


adopt better flow rate and structural design

make the oil content ≤3ppm

convenient maintenance

maintenance time of oil and oil is 5000h



Air cleaner


Imported polymer filter materials

The filtration accuracy is 99. 99%



Intake valve


High sensitivity intake control

Brand-new large passage and low resistance intake valve parts




Two-stage screw air end


Large rotor, low speed

Bipolar compression, low pressure is more reliable than high efficiency


Permanent magnet motor


Low speed and high torque

Exceeding IE3 motor energy efficiency standard

Independent fan dissipates heat to ensure stable operation of motor


Light Weight KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part Thermostatic Valve 0Light Weight KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part Thermostatic Valve 1Light Weight KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part Thermostatic Valve 2Light Weight KAPA Air Compressor Spare Part Thermostatic Valve 3